Years of Experience

Arsan Realty has more than 40 years of management and transaction experience in commercial real estate

We provide advisory services to individual and institutional real estate clients. We have completed in excess of $500,000,000+ of transaction and management projects in Silicon Valley. We have experience in a wide range of property types including retail, office, industrial, R&D and apartments.


As a family company, we emphasize the importance of building long term relationships with our clients. As such, we forge these relationships based on trust, reliability, and compassion. To us, our success is determined by the success of our clients.


Due to our extensive experience in the area, we’ve seen everything when it comes to real estate. However, the majority of our experience has been in commercial real estate, specifically in Office and Retail sales and leasing. Nevertheless, because our client relationships are based upon trust, oftentimes, we represent and advise our clients in all their real estate endeavors. Why deal with multiple agents when you already have one you can trust to get the job done?


“Our mission is to ensure our clients feel they are being represented to the highest standard. Our goal is to provide all the knowledge and information available so our clients can be successful in their market.”