Julia Arsan

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Julia is no stranger to the opportunity the Bay Area has to offer. In 2018, Julia graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a Bachelors of Psychology and Sociology. Her education provides her the skills of conscious relationship building, psychologically-informed negotiation, and connecting an individual client’s success to the success of the community around them. With a background in therapy, teaching and youth development, Julia recognizes trust as the most integral part of any business success.

Julia knows that ultimately, real estate is an industry of relationships. Her understanding of the nervous system and human behavior enables her to skillfully manage client conflict, whether between a landlord-tenant, buyer-seller, or any other variation. This foundation will also ensure her client’s desires are met in their transactions by discerning when and how to ask for the terms wanted.

Julia’s expertise in real estate centers around property management, bookkeeping, and commercial real estate transactions. She is looking to build her investment portfolio and her experience with the residential real estate market.

In her free time, Julia enjoys exploring the natural world, learning about holistic health, and food touring all over the map.