Joe Arsan

Joe Arsan is a born and raised Peninsula native. Even before he knew the details of his father’s business, he knew that real estate is what he wanted to do. Whether it was driving through the streets of Atherton and Woodside, envisioning his dreams of selling/owning those homes, or walking through downtown Palo Alto dreaming of selling/owning the best buildings, Joe has always wanted to leave his mark on Peninsula Real Estate. Joe Graduated from the University of Oregon in 2020 with a major in Economics and a Minor in Business. His areas of expertise in real estate are leasing office and retail. He has experience in building transactions, investment, and residential, and is looking to further develop his proficiency in those areas. He works directly with Sam Arsan and is preparing to take over the business in the coming years. In his free time he loves playing golf, hiking, going to the beach, practicing positive thinking, and spending time with loved ones.

Joe understands the importance of building wealth through real estate and is determined to help his clients, along with himself, do exactly that. He emphasizes the power of financial freedom through real estate ownership and will always go the extra mile to help others achieve that. Not only does Joe want to help investors achieve their goals, but he’s an investor himself, providing intimate experience and knowledge of what it takes to be successful in real estate investing.